Ball Realty

Multi-modal marketing campaign design and management for a Gold Coast real estate company.

Starting with a highly successful brand refresh, Ball Realty asked me to continue updating the brand across the board from print marketing to facebook ads to a complete shopfront redesign. Not stopping there, we arranged a 12 month bus campaign at a highly discounted price. Followed by interactive ads on through Google Display. Reaching millions of views per week for a fraction of their original advertising spend.

Wordpress Website Design and Marketing Management

Improving Competitiveness in the Real Estate Industry.

Improving market share and competitiveness for a Gold Coast real estate business, through Wordpress website optimisation, interactive ads, and much more.

Gold Coast website designer Aidxn Design improved the Ball Realty marketing strategy and website design across the board. Web design and digital marketing management for real estate agencies and agents. Get your ad on and other popular websites in your industry with Google Display and our interactive ad designs.


Digital marketing for the real estate industry.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate marketing, a multi-modal approach can make all the difference. Real estate is about more than bricks and mortar; it’s about storytelling and creating emotional connections with potential buyers. At Aidxn Design, we recently took on a fascinating project that highlighted the power of multi-modal marketing in the real estate industry. In this case study, I’ll walk you through the journey we embarked on to transform a real estate business using various marketing channels, including general web design improvements, conversion rate and SEO enhancements, Google Search and social media marketing campaigns, interactive Google Display advertising, traditional billboard and bus advertising, shopfront and interior redesign, and targeted email marketing campaigns. Let’s dive in.

E-commerce and lead generation improvement for real estate website design. Complete web design and digital marketing management on the Gold Coast for real estate agencies and agents. Multi-modal marketing campaign design to get your brand in as many ad spaces as possible, for less.
Facebook marketing results by Aidxn Design on the Gold Coast. Digital marketing management and Facebook ad manager experts for improving your facebook marketing lead generation, reducing cost per conversion and improving ad creative design.

Complete Website Design Optimisation

Wordpress Pageload Optimisation, SEO and CRO.

Our journey began with a thorough assessment of the client’s existing website. The real estate company had a functional but outdated website. We identified several areas for improvement, including user experience, mobile responsiveness, and overall design aesthetics. To create a visually captivating and user-friendly website, we implemented a custom web design that focused on a clean and modern layout. We optimized the site for mobile devices to ensure seamless browsing experiences for potential homebuyers on various platforms. The improved design provided an excellent first impression, setting the stage for our multi-modal marketing efforts.

In the real estate industry, conversion rates are everything. To boost the client’s conversion rates and organic search engine ranking, we performed a comprehensive SEO audit. We fine-tuned the website’s metadata, enhanced page load times, and structured the content to align with search engine best practices. The result? Higher organic rankings on Google. Our team also focused on creating compelling product landing pages for each property listing. We highlighted the unique features of each home and incorporated persuasive content to encourage inquiries. This approach increased the number of leads generated through the website.

Graphic Design for Storefronts, Billboards and Buses

Complete Shopfront Redesign

The physical presence of the real estate office was equally important. We redesigned the shopfront to create an inviting space that showcased property listings. Large window displays featured high-quality images of available properties, enticing foot traffic to step inside. The interior of the shopfront was transformed into an inviting customer service area. We integrated touchscreen displays for interactive property browsing. Potential buyers could explore listings in detail, even if a real estate agent was not immediately available. This approach made property inquiries more accessible and efficient. In the world of multi-modal marketing, it’s crucial to go beyond the digital realm. To ensure a comprehensive approach, we incorporated traditional advertising. Billboards and bus ads strategically placed in high-traffic areas featured captivating visuals and QR codes, allowing passersby to access property information instantly. This offline approach added another layer to our multi-modal strategy.

Bus Ad Design on the Gold Coast. Get your ads on Surfside buses with highly professional designs.
Billboard ad designer on the Gold Coast. Get your ads on Gold Coast billboards. Experts in finding the cheapest marketing mediums each month.

Creating and managing ads across Google and Facebook

Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Google Search marketing was a fundamental part of our multi-modal strategy. We launched targeted Google Ads campaigns to capture potential homebuyers actively searching for real estate in the client’s service area. By carefully selecting keywords and optimizing ad copy, we ensured that the client’s listings were prominently featured on search engine results pages (SERPs). The strategy drove a consistent flow of organic traffic to the website.

Social media marketing played a crucial role in our multi-modal approach. Facebook and Instagram provided a visually engaging platform to showcase property listings. We created stunning image and video ads that highlighted the unique selling points of each home, as well as the picturesque locations. These ads targeted specific demographics and encouraged users to explore the website and inquire about the listings.

Display ads on popular industry websites

Advertising on with interactive ads

Interactive advertising is a game-changer in real estate marketing. We leveraged the Google Display Network (GDN) to create visually captivating and interactive ads that engaged potential buyers. These ads included features like property tours, interactive floor plans, and 360-degree virtual walkthroughs. Interactive Google Display campaigns showcased the properties in an innovative and immersive way, generating a high click-through rate.

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Marketing Campaigns That Can't Be Missed

In the vast landscape of real estate marketing, where every click and impression matter, our multi-modal marketing campaign emerged as a beacon of success. We harnessed the power of web design to create a visually stunning and user-friendly online platform, ensuring that potential homebuyers and investors were captivated from the moment they landed on the website. Our meticulous SEO strategies propelled the client’s listings to the top of search engine results pages, increasing their visibility and attracting a steady stream of organic traffic. The Google Search marketing campaigns were nothing short of a revelation. By pinpointing the right keywords and crafting compelling ad copy, we ensured that our client’s properties were front and center when potential buyers were actively searching for their dream homes. The digital sphere can be vast and competitive, but we made sure our client’s listings stood out, leading to an influx of inquiries and leads. Turning our attention to the realms of Facebook and Instagram, we embarked on a social media journey that was as visually captivating as it was strategically targeted. Our image and video ads, meticulously designed to showcase the unique features of each property and the stunning locales, resonated with specific demographics, driving users to the website, and prompting inquiries. The engagement and buzz around the listings were palpable, making the client’s real estate offerings impossible to overlook. But our multi-modal approach didn’t stop at the digital realm. It extended to the streets, where billboards and bus ads carried the promise of a new home. These traditional marketing methods, adorned with captivating visuals and QR codes for instant access to property details, bridged the offline and online worlds seamlessly. Passersby couldn’t help but notice the presence of these striking real estate ads in the heart of their daily lives.

Our shopfront redesign transformed the client’s physical space into a hub of property exploration. The large window displays, adorned with high-quality images, became a canvas of opportunity. Pedestrians and passersby couldn’t resist stopping in their tracks to peer into the alluring world of available homes. The physical world became an extension of the digital one, where real estate offerings were showcased in a way that was impossible to ignore. Inside the shopfront, we harnessed the power of technology to offer an interactive experience like no other. Touchscreen displays became the gateway to exploring property listings in detail. Interested buyers could delve into the specifics of homes, even when a real estate agent wasn’t present. This innovation created a seamless bridge between the client’s physical and digital spaces, making property inquiries and exploration more accessible and engaging. In our quest to leave no stone unturned, we implemented targeted email marketing campaigns. With a database of potential buyers and investors at our disposal, we sent out regular newsletters that became beacons of opportunity. Each email was a carefully crafted invitation to explore newly available properties, gain market insights, and discover investment prospects. These campaigns acted as consistent reminders that our client’s real estate offerings were just a click away. Together, these elements wove a marketing campaign that was nothing short of impossible to miss. Whether you were walking down the street, scrolling through social media, exploring property listings online, or checking your email, the client’s real estate offerings were a prominent presence, an invitation that couldn’t be ignored. In the vast real estate landscape, this multi-modal approach stood out as a testament to the power of holistic marketing, creating a symphony of opportunity that left no potential buyer or investor behind. The results were nothing short of remarkable, and if you’re looking to make your real estate listings equally impossible to overlook, Aidxn Design is here to craft a multi-modal marketing campaign tailored to your success.