Meet Velocity9

Our very own, high-performance and high-conversion website theme. Everything a business needs from their website. Constantly adding new components publicly available makes staying ahead of modern web design and UX a less costly task. Components are always compatible with future versions, unless dependancy integration not available. Over 100+ components and 30+ integrations. Pay once, own forever.



$3445 + GST

Custom web design built on the Velocity9 theme. Recommended package for small businesses in need of strong online lead generation and custom web design.

  • Velocity V9 Installation
  • Lifetime License
  • A+ / 100% Web Performance
  • 8 Pages
  • 1 In-Person Revisions
  • 3,000 words of content min.
  • Keyword Research & SEO
  • Domain & DNS Setup
  • Turnaround in 21 days
  • 1 Year of Incl. Email Support


$5445 + GST

Custom web design built on the Velocity9 theme. Recommended package for brands needing major improvements to online competitiveness, conversion rate, CTR and SEO.

  • Velocity V9 Installation
  • Lifetime License
  • A+ / 100% Web Performance
  • 16 Pages
  • 2 In-Person Revisions
  • 7,500 words of content min.
  • Small Graphic Design Pack
  • Keyword Research & SEO
  • Competitor Research
  • Domain & DNS Setup
  • Turnaround in 45 days
  • 1 Year of Incl. Email Support


$9445 + GST

Custom e-commerce solution powered by the Velocity9 theme. Integrated with Stripe for industry leading e-commerce tools and secure payment processing. Includes ApplePay / GPay / AfterPay.

  • Velocity V9 Installation
  • Lifetime License
  • A+ / 100% Web Performance
  • 32 Pages and Products
  • Product Management Tools
  • Stripe Integration
  • ApplePay and gPay Integration
  • AfterPay Integration
  • 3 In-Person Revisions
  • 15,000 words of content min.
  • Medium Graphic Design Pack
  • Keyword Research & SEO
  • Competitor Research
  • Motion Design Plan
  • Domain & DNS Setup
  • Turnaround in 90 days
  • 1 Year of Incl. Email Support

30+ Integrations

Powerful,custom websites at a fraction of the cost, thanks to 30+ integrations.

Generate more sales, more easily with Velocity and Stripe. Working together out of the box so you can be selling online from day one.

One-click checkout is shown to improve conversion rates across the board, we have Google Pay and Apple Pay integrated with your site straight away.

NEW IN VELOCITY9: The highly requested integration of GSAP is finally here. Highly performant across all components, pre-built GSAP animations allow you to save huge costs in Motion Design and Development while still allowing you and your website to use the most modern, highly effective CTA animations.

Instantly recieve lead information to your email. Also send customers custom information reciepts. Store data to CRM and much more, out of the box.

Out-of-the-box expert setup of Includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel code snippets. Available to componenets from Velocity6 and above.

Write beautiful, informative blog posts with our MDX powered blogging system integrated into Velocity. One of the most compatible blog content languages avaiable. AI solution ready.

Powered by both Netlify CDN and Bunny CDN, we create one of the most responsive and cost-effective network payload management solutions available. Enough to make Bezos himself cry.

100+ Components

Guardrails for effective, high-conversion web design and free updates over time.

One of the biggest focuses of Velocity, and reasons for initial coding the product, was to achieve a solution for building eye-catching landing pages and product pages that are clearly completely custom, for a fraction of the cost and time. While being completely upgradable and futureproof.

NEW IN VELOCITY9: Pre-built GSAP animation sequences such as image fade ins, scrolling text cuts, and animated button designs. One of our biggest additions to Velocity so far!

Integrated with Stripe to provide secure payment processing and product listing. Including ApplyPay and GPay integrations.

Multiple slider designs with a lightning fast framework are deeply integrated through-out Velocity. One of the biggest hurdles of web design, already conqured thanks to Velocity.

Integrated connection with Netlify CRM for customer information management. Secure form handling out of the box at no extra cost.

Velocity from the ground up is a form of guardrail for keeping your website neat, tidy and user-friendly. With a range of included page layouts and component areas pre-designed, then customised to your brand. All Velocity components are developed to be responsive to a minimum of 4 screen sizes, compared to usual development of 2-3.

Complete W3 web-standard compliance and SEO strategies embed through-out components. Making Velocity one of the most high-ranking SEO themes available. Starting with Velocity today, will put your business years ahead. Now in development for over 7 years.

Completely developer-friendly code to allow for any in-house developers to easily understand and make their own custom changes to their installation of Velocity. With 1 year of email support included free with all packages to allow for any questions about using the theme, does not include further in-person revisions or remote code changes by our team.

Developed over 5 years

Velocity was designed simply to help businesses to have a high-performance website that generates more sales and streamlines customer processes. Developed over 5 years with 2,500+ contributions. Completely customisable, infinitely extendable.


Customised in 21 Days

Offering a more personal format of web design and digital marketing, all Velocity packages include multiple revisions of your website with me in-person, video call available. Completely inclusive web design from content and image optimisation, to keyword and competitor research.


Generate results fast

“We had our agency website built on Velocity to move away from website subscriptions, and were so surprised to have the new website delivered in 14 days and generating our first organic leads within 3 days of launch. Velocity has improved our SEO so much we have heavily reduced our CPC budget and now end each month with more in our pockets.”

Bianca Rose
The Social Dandelion

“We have worked with Aidxn Design for the last 3 years and have always been really happy with his work and communication. Moving our photography website to Velocity recently has turned out to be an easy process. We can now display full quality images online without having a slow website. Cannot recommend moving to Velocity enough for improving conversion and SEO ranking.”

Jordan Pavey
Snacks for your Eyes

“Migrating a 25 year old business website away from Wordpress was a task we had been putting off for years. It had become aparent that it could not wait any longer when our competitors all had much better websites than us. Moving to Velocity was able to take our pageload time from 5.2s to 0.4s while delivering the same large amount of content per page.”

Maria Gambaro
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